A World With Heroes - Download NOW available!

For all you wonderful people who have been waiting patiently since we first announced our participation in this worthwhile project, your patient wait is finally over!  Disc 1 of the A World With Heroes, 40th Anniversary Tribute to KISS is now available via download from the Pledgemusic.com site!  This download is ONLY for those of you who have already pledged.  If you haven't pledged already we strongly advise that you do so in order that you can be amongst the first people in the world to hear the debut of Dressed to Chill's version of 'Tomorrow'.  If you haven't pledged it costs US$17.00 for the digital download which buys you the album in it's entirety as well as access to updates about the project.  US$30.00 buys you the physical CD upon it's release in late August as well as the digital download version and all the latest updates on the project.  A worthwhile and worthy cause, A World With Heroes is a not for profit release with all money raised being donated to cancer research, not to mention it features some other amazing artists as well as us!www.pledgemusic.com/projects/kiss40thtribute/updates/24180

KISS Kruise Entry Video

A World With Heroes - KISS 40th Anniversary

Dressed to Chill are pleased and proud to announce that they will be featured on the upcoming 40th Anniversary tribute CD to KISS, A World With Heroes!!!  The album, featuring artists from; Guns N Roses, Queensryche, Firehouse, Tesla and Slaughter will be released later this year by Pledge Music.  The album is the brainchild of Canadian rock Journalist and Photographer Mitch Lafon and all proceeds from sales will go towards funding cancer research.  We're incredibly honoured to have had one of our favourite tracks from the Unmasked album chosen to sit alongside some of these internationally acclaimed artists' interpretations of their favourite KISS songs!!!  We're contributing "Tomorrow" and we can only hope that our effort will go some way to assisting sales for this great album and great cause.

Further information on the project and pre orders for the album, "A World With Heroes" are available here: www.pledgemusic.com/projects/kiss40thtribute

Stay tuned here, on Facebook and Twitter for further updates on the release date and more exciting news!!!

DtC on The Tribute Show

Save Your Love

Our very own Matt Bradshaw has just recorded his very own unique take on one of his favourite songs which Dressed to Chill don't currently cover.  Save Your Love from Dynasty is featured below.  Check it out today!!!

Matt Bradshaw - Save Your Love

The Hifi Bar - March 02 2013

2nd Show 2013 - KISSTROYER Support

We're stoked to announced that the mighty KISSTROYER have invited us to support them on their big, pre KISS/Motley Crue Tour Party on Saturday March 02 at The Hifi Bar in Melbourne!!!  KISSTROYER have long been heralded as being this country's ultimate KISS tribute act and we are honoured that they dig our show enough to invite us to share their stage!  It promises to be a really big night for all, just days out from the Melbourne KISS/Motely Crue show and we're pumped to be a part of it!  Hoping to see our regular fans there but also looking forward to seeing some new faces and being able to introduce them to Dressed to Chill.

For more info head on over to the Ticketing Info page.

Silk Road - January 23 2013

1st Show 2013 - Silk Road, January 23

First show for the year folks!  January 23rd at Silk Road in Melbourne from 7:30pm.  This is a VERY special night for us as we're sharing the stage with 6 other tribute acts as a part of the Tribute Show's live series of gigs to showcase the tribute band talent from around the country.  We're honoured to have been asked to be a part of this show as it's only the second one in the series and eventhough it's not a full DtC show, we'll be giving you guys 4 of our best.  Come on down and check the night out, it promises to be a lot of fun and we'd love to see you all there!